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Who is 1GNITE?

1GNITE is the link between the nation’s most well-known retailers and buyers of used assets in a range of categories

Why do I have to set up an account?

1GNITE is dedicated to providing smart customer service tailored to your needs

How secure is my data and will it be shared?

1GNITE takes user data and privacy seriously and has developed a Privacy Policy with that in mind

Where do the assets come from?

When retailers remodel, relocate, close, order too much – they retire their Capital Assets and make them available to 1GNITE’s customers

What condition are the assets in?

All items are sold as-is and without warranty. Conditions can vary, but most items have been used. Some lightly used items, new items, and returns become available from time to time. Because the assets have often times been written off, they can be sold for low prices with the savings passed on to you! 

Can I get a Refund?

No, all sales are final.  However, you can inspect the loads when you pick them up at the designated warehouse and refuse them at that time.  In such case, you would not be charged.

What is an FTL?

An FTL is the acronym for a Full Truckload – which in this case means a 53’ Dry-Van Trailer

How many pallets are on an FTL?

A 53’ Dry-Van has 26 available pallet positions

Who handles the shipping?

1GNITE can provide shipping for your convenience or the buyer can self-ship

When can I pick up my FTL?

FTLs are released for pick up upon receipt of payment, A Buyer has five (5) days to pick-up or ship their purchase. If the items are not picked up in this timeframe, the sale will be refunded - less a 25% restocking fee - and the load will again be for sale in the marketplace

What payment methods do I have the option of using?

You may use a PayPal account, or Credit/Debit cards via PayPal payments.

What is a “BIN” item?

Retailers will often make high-value items that are in good, like-new, or new condition available for sale on an individual basis. These are considered "Buy It Now" or BIN items

Can I combine/bundle FTLs; bundle FTLs and “BIN”?

Yes, you may even be eligible of bundling bonuses or discounts, please use the "Make Offer" feature to begin this process with an 1GNITE representative

What is Make Offer?

The Make Offer button allows you to propose a price for an item, or bundle of items

How do I accept, reject, or counter an offer?

If an offer is accepted the buyer will be able to checkout at the accepted offer amount. Offers remain valid until the item is purchased by the buyer, the buyer cancels the offer, or another buyer purchases the item first. Please note: Sales are made on a first-come, first-served basis. The first buyer to "checkout" will receive the item. 

The buyer will be notified via email and/or text if an offer is countered by 1GNITE. The buyer will have the option to accept the offer and checkout, counter the offer, or reject the offer.

Do I have to buy the entire FTL?

FTLs are sold all or nothing

I had an item in my cart but now it’s gone, where did it go?

If the item is no longer in your cart it has been sold! To find similar items, view our catalog

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