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Coats 1250-2D (2) - Load #106558

by Walmart

Pasco, WA

Coats Tire Balancer- Model 1250-2D
Heavy-duty wheel balancer designed to balance almost any passenger car or light truck
tires correctly, the first time.
• Designed for front line, high-volume balancing
• Easy to read LED readouts
• Five-second cycle time
• Handles rims up to 30" in diameter and 20" wide
• Handles tires up to 44" in diameter
• Automatic data entry for Distance and Diameter
• Equipped with a 1.5 HP motor, No belt to slip or pullets to wear out
• 8 Balancing modes
• Laser guided operation that eliminates error by pinpointing the exact Tape-A-Weight placement and behind-the-spoke weight placement locations.
• Includes weight storage system
3 Pallet Positions
COATS 1250-2D 2