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Coats Tire Changer with Rim Clamp 70XAH3 - Load #104052

by Walmart
Original price $959.40
Current price $800.00

Phoenix, AZ

COATS Tire Changer with Rim Clamp
Model 60X-70X
Heavy duty tire changer with rim clamp from COATS manufacturing.
Built for high volume shops, the 60Xnad 70X models include advanced features and a best-in-class external clamping range.
Designed to service single piece automotive and most tubeless light truck tire/wheel assemblies.
• Standard 3-position, steel clamps are easy to adjust allowing quick set-up.
• The calibratable inflation gauge contains a lexan cover, an over pressure feature and a safety spring allowing it to last about 200,000 tire inflations.
• The X-Series® extended tower allows you to change up to a 14" wide tire.
1 Pallet Positions